MudStuff UK | Defender Accessories & Equipment

Equipment: Albatross was equipped with a new sound system, ceiling storage net, dirt fenders, first aid and document pouches.

Collaboration: Fay has been very kind in sending us the final accessories to enhance the functionality or our trip. In exchange we're their brand ambassador. They've really got a multitude of accessories!

About: Tons of Land Rover and 4x4 accessories and equipment. Don't look any further. We've tested multiple of their products and they've been very useful and long lasting. Check their website out and if you need anything, get in touch with Fay via their email or Instagram.

Get in touch with us and we'll put you in contact with Fay.

RoverLand | Defender Accessories & Installations

Equipment: Albatross was equipped with a heated water tank installation kit. A kit that heats up our 65L water tank in just 20 minutes, just enough for a warm shower.

Collaboration: George installed the kit in his workshop in Antwerp. In exchange we're his brand ambassador. And a warm shower is always pleasant! And a warm shower is always pleasant!

About: Land Rover and 4x4 accessories. The heated water tank installation kit is essentially a 2m long heat strip set up in your water tank with a temperature gage and a on/off switch. Easy to set up, light and cost-efficient.

Get in touch with us and we'll put you in contact with George.

Rough Parts | Defender Accessories

Equipment: Albatross got a Sand Ladder Bracket installed on the back-right-window which acts as a stand-up table when and as a MaxTrax Recovery carrier, the perfect 2 in 1 combination.

Collaboration: Markus sent us the accessory and mounting kit in no time. In exchange we're their brand ambassador while enjoying a stand-up coffee. Sexy High-Quality parts you'll be happy to have.

About: Attractive High-Quality Accessories specifically made for Land Rover Defender. Accessories going from Camping, to vehicle protection, to vehicle refinement. Their products are truly one of a kind, good looking and sturdy. Go check out their product pictures on Instagram.

Get in touch with us and we'll put you in contact with Markus.

Sunware | Solar Panel

Equipment: Albatross was kitted out with marine-grade solar panels. A mobile plug&play 12V Series-RX 100 watt, a fixed mounting 12V Series-20 100 watt, and a Fox 360 charge regulator.

Collaboration: Olaf and Jutta studied our electrical consumption and our battery type to calculate the status of the need for solar solutions. In exchange for the solar panels, we test and review their products. They're great!

About: Marine-grade Solar Panels and Controllers. It's even walkable when rigidly fixed! Do you need to kit out a vehicle or boat? And are you looking for mature solar products?

Then go no further. SunWare has 30 years of experience and will set you up. The panels have been tested extensively under the harshest environmental conditions to deliver the product you expect.

Get in touch with us and we'll put you in contact with Olaf.

Euro4x4parts | 4x4 Spare Parts Specialist

Equipment: All types of spare parts you can think of will be supplied by Euro4x4parts throughout our trip.

Collaboration: Françoise set us up with a yearly budget for any spare parts we may need during our travels. Euro4x4parts will ship the parts out worldwide. In exchange, we’re their brand ambassador. Very Responsive & Top Quality Parts.

About: All the 4x4 parts and accessories you'll ever need for your 4x4, SUV, Crossover and Pickup truck. Don't look any further. We've tested multiple of their products and we've never had problems so far. If you need specific information, you may contact them directly on Instagram or via email and they will get back to you rapidly.

Discount link: Check out their catalogue of over 70,000 parts and accessories.

Jackery DE | Portable Power Stations

Equipment: We were set up with the Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station and 2 SolarSaga 100W Panels.

Collaboration: Mila sent us a 1000W of Power for when we'll be out and about the bushes without electricity. In exchange we're their brand ambassador. Jackery is one of the leaders in the Power Station market. Their products are very nice!

About: You'll find a variety of Power Stations and Panels for your outdoor activities going from camping for a night to powering up your house if you get a blackout. Their products are robust and super fancy. Check out their website or get in touch with us if you have questions.

Check out their products.

Bart Fluitsma webdev logo

Bart Fluitsma | Web design

Equipment: The website for our world trip.

Collaboration: Bart has build this website for us and will maintain it throughout our journey. We love what he's done with it!

About: Bart is a freelance web developer that loves to design & build many types of websites (webshops, blogs, business pages) for freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Need a website? Check out his page.

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