Our motto.
One life: unlimited realities to live.
Everything is possible when you chose to get out there.
Live your adventure.
Explore the unknown.
We are loving it!


Mathilde Vougny, 28 y/o (Chew)


BACKGROUND: International relations, political sciences, worked for UNDP as a program specialist for electoral assistance.

TRAVEL HISTORY: Born in France, lived in Europe for 26 years, 1 year in Jordan, 1 year in Argentina and 1 year in the USA. Previously travelled to 52 countries before departure. It's time for the BIG trip.


Nicolas Chazee, 28 y/o (Nick)


BACKGROUND: International Business, developed internationally a top 120 French Start-Up to neighbouring European countries.

TRAVEL HISTORY: Born in Thailand, lived in Asia for 12 years, 6 in Africa and 10 in Europe. Previously travelled to 56 countries before departure on every continent. It's time for the BIG trip.

Albatross landrover

Albatross, 10 y/o (Albo)


TRAVEL HISTORY: The Americas, Morocco, France, Belgium, Sweden, Faroe island, Iceland.

ABOUT: Land Rover Defender, TD4 2.2L Turbo Diesel Puma, 2012 model. Ex-Tec interior and pop-up roof, 16" BFG tires, VisionX lighting, T-Max winch, Engel Fridge, Coleman stove, MaMousse mattress and tons of other custom made furniture and utility parts. It's time for the BIG trip.

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